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Permission to Publish Student Photos/Work 2021-22

Please indicate your permission status by clicking a YES or NO response to each statement below. (one form per family) 

I understand that from time to time the school may wish to publish examples of student work, photographs, and videos on the school’s website, Facebook, YouTube and in promotional/advertising materials, such as The Santa Fe New Mexican, Tumbleweeds, and NM Kids. Please note that student names will not be connected to student work, or photographs, or videos on the RGS website, Facebook, or YouTube or in publications, other than in-house publications such as the school yearbook, newspaper, and literary magazine.

My child(ren)'s work can be published on the school website, facebook, instagram YouTube, or other forms of social media. *
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Photographs and videos of my child(ren) can be published on the school's website and other social media or in other promotional/advertising outlets.*
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Child One Grade (beginning in fall of 2021)*
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Child Two Grade (beginning in fall of 2021)
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Child Three Grade (beginning in fall of 2021)
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