RGS 2021-22 FAQ


What is the protocol for drop-off and pick-up?

Parents will once again choose to either drop-off and pick-up from the curb, or park and walk their child to the front green gate. At the start of school, students will walk to the green gate and enter classrooms from the outside door. We are asking that parents say goodbye to their children at the green gate.


Will Pequeños, Grandes, and Kindergarten still use the fire road as the entrance?

Early childhood and kinder parents may use either the fire road or the green gate to enter campus. Drop-off will take place at the outside door to each classroom.


Will the school offer morning care and aftercare?

Morning care will open at 7:30 in MAC and aftercare will continue until 5:30 five days a week for kinder-sixth grade. The cost is a flat daily rate of $15 for aftercare. You do not need to sign up for aftercare ahead of time. Students in grades K-3 must be picked up by 3:10 and grades 4-6 by 3:20 or they will be dropped off in aftercare. There will be no early care or aftercare for Early Childhood students.  EC Children can be dropped off as early as 8am and picked up no later than 3pm.  


Are catered lunches going to be available?

We have been unable to find a vendor willing to provide catered lunches. Hopefully, we will find a vendor by the start of school. A reminder that should catered lunch become available, it will only be offered to K-6th grade students. 


Can students use lockers this year?

Yes, students will have lockers available to them. Lockers will be cleaned daily.


Should I send a water bottle to school with my child?

Water fountains will not be used again this year as they are high contact areas. Please send your child to school with a water bottle, which they can refill throughout the day. There will be extra water in the office if a child forgets their water bottle.


Will students remain in pods?

No, all of our students will once again be all together in one classroom per grade. Student desks are placed 3 feet apart at a minimum.


Can visitors come in the building and on campus?

We miss having parents on our campus very much. For the time being, we will only have parents on campus for special events. We hope to welcome you all back soon. 


Will there be large events held on campus?

Yes, we are planning to host all of the usual annual events (Community Fair, Back to School Night, etc). Protocols for these events will be sent out prior to the event.


Are the teachers vaccinated?

Yes, all of our faculty and staff have been fully vaccinated.


Will you continue to check student temperatures, and do families need to use the wellness app before dropping off their children in the morning?

We will continue to screen students with temperature checks in the morning, but the wellness app will no longer be utilized.


When will vaccines be available for younger students? Will the school require students to get vaccinated once they are available?

The hope is that 5-11-year-olds will be able to receive their first dose of the vaccine in late September. Each state has the independent authority to determine school immunization requirements. Once COVID-19 vaccines are fully approved by the FDA (as opposed to emergency usage) the New Mexico Department of Health will have to decide if the vaccines will become a requirement for school enrollment. As an independent school we are still legally bound to honor the state’s vaccination laws. This means parents may seek an approved exemption for legitimate health or religious reasons (see the family handbook for details). 


Will the school require students and teachers to wear masks?

Due to the rise in both local and national COVID-19 cases, and the highly contagious Delta variant, we will begin the year requiring that all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, remain masked indoors and outdoors. At the discretion of our educators, students will participate in “distanced” outdoor activities where masking will be optional. When the CDC COVID Data Tracker once again ranks Santa Fe County transmission level as “moderate”. We will lift this temporary outdoor masking mandate. 


Will students be required to do weekly surveillance testing?

The Department of Health is currently working on various options for student surveillance testing. If this becomes available, we will update our entire community.


Will faculty and staff be required to do weekly surveillance testing?

It is not currently recommended that fully vaccinated individuals complete surveillance testing. If data from the Delta variant suggests otherwise, we will begin surveillance testing our faculty and staff.


Will distance learning be an option for families?

Students are expected to be on campus and in person, unless formally certified by the school and a medical professional for a temporary absence. Given the enormous burdens of concurrent teaching and learning, we will prohibit "concurrence for convenience" (i.e. for a doctor's appointment or travel), reserving concurrent learning only for those who are formally quarantined or temporarily disabled.


Is there a threshold that will determine whether students will once again go to distance learning?

Currently, we have no plan to return to distance learning for any grades. If the state of New Mexico goes into lockdown, this will necessitate a return to distance learning. Even in this scenario it is unlikely that the state would close early childhood centers meaning our Pequeños and Grandes classes would remain in person. 


What is the protocol if a student tests positive for COVID-19?

We will follow the mandated DOH guidelines for Close Contact and alert our community immediately. Please see the new definition for Close Contact and the flowchart for a person with COVID-19 symptoms.

Close Contact

Positive Contact

Where can I get tested?

  • CVS Pharmacy - On-line screening required in order to make an appointment. They offer rapid testing and PCR lab testing.
  • Walgreens - On-line screening required in order to make an appointment. They offer rapid testing and PCR lab testing.

What is the difference between a PCR test and a Rapid Test (antigen)? Which should I get?

In general, antigen tests are very specific for COVID-19, but are not as sensitive as molecular PCR tests. This means that there is a higher chance of false negatives, and positives, with antigen tests. Rapid tests are most accurate when symptoms are present. PCR tests are considered the gold standard. 

Will there be any class trips/field trips this year?  

We hope to have field trips this year, but this is a wait and see as we learn more about the Delta variant.


How much will you hold class outside? 

As much as possible. Our educators spent a lot of time outside with their classes last year and would like to continue this practice as is practical and weather permits.


Will you eat outside? 

Yes, we have asked that lunch and snacks be held outside as often as possible, weather permitting.

What is the expectation of families traveling? Social contract? 

We currently do not have a social contract in place as there are no current quarantine or travel restrictions in place.  This is also something that we will watch closely and take direction from NMDOH etc. 

Will you hold a flu clinic this fall?

Yes, if available! 

Do you anticipate school closures? 

No, we do not anticipate being shut down again but will do what NMDOH and PED advise.

Are the co-curriculars back to the classrooms or traveling again? 

Co-curriculars, such as visual arts and science, will be held in their classrooms with at least 30 minutes between classes for proper cleaning. The same protocols are in place for these classes as with the regular classrooms (distancing, masking, air filters, and good air circulation).

When vaccines are available for kids will the school hold a vaccine clinic? 

We will try to make this happen.