RGS 2023-24 FAQ

What is the protocol for drop-off and pick-up?


Grades K-6: Parents of students in grades K-6 are welcome to drop their child(ren) off directly in front of the school along the sidewalk or may walk their child(ren) to the front door of the main building. Our doors will be open at 7:30 am. Students arriving before 8:00 a.m. will go straight to the gym for early care.


If you drop off or pick up your child(ren) from the sidewalk, please pull forward as far as possible and do NOT leave your car to assist your child(ren). We ask that you use good judgment to keep the line moving and our community safe.


Early Childhood: Parents of early childhood students will walk their child(ren) to the classroom door. Parents will pick up their children from the classroom door at the end of the day.


* Please note that our school has one entry point: the front door.


What time does school start?


Early Childhood Pequeños       Monday through Friday: 8:10 AM–2:50 PM 

Early Childhood Grandes             Monday through Friday: 8:10 AM–2:50 PM 

Kindergarten–Third Grade           Monday through Friday: 8:10 AM–3:00 PM 

Fourth Grade–Sixth Grade          Monday through Friday: 8:10 AM–3:10 PM


Students are admitted into the classroom at 8:00 AM. School starts promptly at 8:10 AM. Students arriving in the classroom after 8:10 AM are considered tardy. All grades K-6 start their day with a morning meeting; this is an important time for students to connect with their peers and to prepare for the rest of the day.


Will the school offer morning care and aftercare?


Morning care will begin at 7:30 am in the MAC (the gymnasium), and aftercare will be provided until 5:30 pm five days a week for grades K-6. There is no cost for early care. While we welcome drop-ins, any advance notice will help us plan the afternoon!


Students in grades K-3 who are not picked up by 3:10 and students in grades 4-6 who are not picked up by 3:20 will be sent to aftercare. 


Early Childhood (EC) aftercare will be available until 5:00 PM daily (starting on August 28). EC aftercare is located in the EC building and on the EC playground. While we welcome drop-ins, any advance notice will help us plan the afternoon!


EC and K-6 aftercare costs a flat daily rate of $18 per day.


What communications should I expect throughout the year?


News Grande: This bi-monthly school newsletter is a must-read!  The newsletter will include important logistical information and dates, classroom spotlights, and notes from our Parent Association and Board of Trustees. 


Que Pasa (Paso) (Pasando) With Mr. Scarola: Occasionally, Mr. Scarola will inform the community about the strategic, operational, and safety initiatives in process at RGS.


Co-curricular Newsletter/Website: A must quarterly viewing!  The website is updated each quarter/trimester and highlights the topics and projects each grade is studying in Science, Spanish, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Library, and Adventure. This is one of your opportunities to see RGS’s special sauce at work!  The postings include videos, slides, photos, and notes for parents to read, watch, and ask their child(ren) about.


Classroom Newsletter: Each homeroom teacher will email a weekly newsletter to parents highlighting key upcoming classroom events and projects.


Text Messages: RGS will use text and email to communicate event reminders, inclement weather announcements, and other relevant news. Please contact the front office if you believe you are not receiving notifications.


Parent Association: The success of our community-wide events is directly correlated to the involvement of our parents! The Parent Association acts as the liaison between the school and parents.  Room Parents (2 per grade) will email pertinent information regarding the opportunities to participate in the community-wide events.


Are catered lunches going to be available?


Sunday at Grams will offer lunches for interested families. Parents pre-order meals for the following week via the EZSchool app. (https://www.ezschoolapps.com). This service will begin on Monday,  August 28. This catered service will be available for students in grades K-6


Should I send a water bottle to school with my child?


Yes!  We have water fountains and bottle fillers…save plastic…Send in a water bottle!


Can visitors and volunteers come into the building and on campus?


We love having parents and volunteers on our campus. Please check in at the front desk when visiting or volunteering. We must be sure to account for everyone on campus in the event of an emergency.


Will there be community-wide events held on campus?


We plan to host the usual annual events (Community Fair, Back to School Night, Hawktoberfest, Farolito Night, Winter Concert, SPARK Night, Spring Performance, and Graduation). 


Do RGS students go on field trips?  


Yes, field trips are a vital and enriching experience for our students. We do not have school-sponsored transportation, so we rely on parents to drive. If you wish to volunteer to drive, there are forms at the front office to complete. Along with the required forms, we require a copy of your driver’s license and verification of your car insurance coverage limits.


Will you hold a flu clinic this fall?


Yes, if we can arrange the logistics!


What has RGS done to upgrade campus safety and routines?


Over the past year, we worked with an independent consultant, Rob Chadwick. Mr. Chadwick is the former head of the FBI's Tactical Training Program at Quantico and founder of the Holdfast Security Group. Mr. Chadwick visited our campus twice and met with all of our teachers as a group and individually, advising them on school-wide protocols, as well as providing emergency first aid training.


In addition to our routine fire and evacuation drills mandated by the state, teachers have protocols for varying intruder scenarios. We do not practice these with our students but so that we can prepare our faculty in the case of such an emergency. 


We have also upgraded several security measures, which include, but are not limited to an outside call button for unknown visitors, a panic button in the front office, reinforced glass in the front office, and increased communication with added walkie-talkies. Additionally, we are installing walls and gates around our entire property to limit entry to the front door (completion date mid-September).


What is ASAP?


After-School Activities Programs (ASAP) are extended day offerings; these classes run for six to eight weeks. There will be several ASAP sessions over the school year. Most of the courses are taught by our teachers, ranging from Origami to Basketball Fundamentals. The first session will begin in late September. More details will be shared after the school year begins. 

COVID/Sick Protocol Information


The state and federal governments moved out of the COVID emergency response phase. Likewise, RGS moved out of this phase; we will inform the community of up-to-date recommendations for responding to the virus.  

As with other communicable diseases, RGS will refer to the New Mexico School Health Manual for COVID-19 guidance and response procedures. The manual serves as a resource for New Mexico schools, providing information on preventing, identifying, managing, and reporting outbreaks of communicable diseases in schools, including COVID-19.  

Do I need to report positive COVID cases to the school? 


Although reporting positive COVID cases is no longer required by the state of New Mexico, we ask our families to let us know if your child, or someone in your household, has tested positive for COVID-19.


What is the protocol for a person with COVID-19 (PWC)?


The NM Department of Health strongly recommends that a PWC stay home and isolate for five days after the onset of symptoms. To return to school after the 5-day quarantine, students must have waning or no symptoms, have been fever free for at least 24 hours, and test negative with an antigen test, or wear a mask for five subsequent days.


Will the school be sending out reports for positive COVID cases?


We will not send schoolwide updates about positive COVID cases. But, we will inform families if there is a positive case in a specific grade. We may send information about other communicable diseases, such as pink eye, strep throat, fifths disease, etc.


When should I keep my child home from school?


If your child has a fever or other cold or flu-like symptoms (aches, unusual lethargy, excessive mucus, diarrhea, vomiting, sore throat, persistent cough), please keep them home. Students may return to school after 24 hours without fever or other persistent symptoms. If your child requires antibiotics, they must be administered for 24 hours before the child returns to school.