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Our Program


Rio Grande School's curriculum is a vigorous and vibrant program that stimulates each child's intellectual, artistic, and social growth. The academic program in all grades includes literature studies, extensive writing opportunities, research projects and a strong emphasis on the development of math and science skills.
Rio Grande School is one of the only elementary schools in Santa Fe that offers children daily experiences in the arts, physical education, and Spanish, taught by highly-qualified and passionate subject specialists.
Our program is one which...
  • views students as individuals with specific strengths, needs, and interests;
  • employs teaching methods that reach a variety of learning styles;
  • focuses on topics that are meaningful to students;
  • uses students' current knowledge as a foundation from which to begin inquiry;
  • relates topics of study to real-life applications;
  • extends learning experiences beyond the classroom;
  • models ethical and moral leadership;
  • values diversity in all of its forms;
  • teaches socially appropriate behaviors;
  • encourages reflection and self-evaluation.
Learn about our curriculum mapping here at Rio Grande School.