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Dear Families,

Welcome to Rio Grande School! I am so pleased that you are considering our school for your children. We offer a nurturing and challenging environment for the engaged child, ages 3 through sixth grade, who is excited to learn.
Every day, I am struck by how much our students love Rio Grande School, their second home. They break away from their parent’s handhold, high-five our Head of School, and speed through the front doors with food to donate, or a recycled art project, or with the excitement of knowing they’ll be leading all-school assembly that day.
Are they happy because they get the attention they need, from two teachers in their classroom? Is it because they feel respected when asked to share how they feel? Is it because they get to volunteer at the Santa Fe River by cleaning up the stream and planting trees? Likely it is a little bit of everything.
Through their journey and opportunities at RGS, they are transformed into independent learners, who are well prepared academically and socially for success in the next stage of their education.
We are investing in our future here. Our students and graduates do well and help others do the same. I credit our faculty and staff for this guidance, but I am also grateful for the children who are inspired to try hard every day.
Please review our Process and Important Dates, and please feel free to call with any questions. It’s never too early to start looking at educational options for your children. 

Rachel Rosebery
Associate Director of Admissions
[email protected]