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RGS students have several opportunities to participate in our ASAP Basketball Intramural Program or the Santa Fe Independent Youth Basketball Program (SFIYBP).  Information on all ASAP classes can be found here.  The SFIYBP girls league takes place in the fall (September-November), while boys teams play in winter (January-March).

In March/April, the school offers spots on its swim team to any child in grades K-6 who can swim a length of the pool unassisted. This is an ASAP class that practices in a local community pool one afternoon a week. The season culminates in a Santa Fe-wide Swim Meet, held in April at the Genoveva Chavez Community Center. This is a developmental swim meet with the purpose of providing elementary school children with the opportunity to compete with fellow schoolmates. The meet is a fun, supportive event for swimmers of all abilities.