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Katie Schor

I am honored to be joining both the Rio Grande family and the Santa Fe community at large. A product
of New York City independent schools, I am attuned of the fine balance of social-emotional support and
academic rigor that an independent school offers its students, and I am excited to provide and foster
that space for our 4 th grade students at Rio Grande. After attending Colgate University, I received my BA
in English and my elementary teaching certification. Later I earned my Masters in Education with a focus
in clinical literacy from Bank Street College of Education. My fifteen years of teaching experience
include working at an independent school, a public school, a public charter school, and an American
school abroad, during which I taught students ranging from first grade to seniors in high school. Fourth
grade is one of my favorite grades to teach, since it is an age at which students are realizing their
independence and constantly negotiating their places in the world as they become more self-aware and
confident in their own voices. In addition to being a classroom teacher, I am a certified yoga teacher
and an avid traveler. I am relocating to Santa Fe from Brooklyn, New York with my husband, who is a
third generation Santa Fe-an transplant. I am looking forward to leaving the concrete jungle behind and
setting down roots amidst the natural beauty of New Mexico!