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Alison Matulich

Alison Matulich is an early childhood educator who works with families and young children. Alison uses the framework of developmentally appropriate practice as it is set forth by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. She creates classroom environments where children feel safe, where they know they belong, and where they can engage in learning with joy. Alison loves opening the world of mathematical thinking for the young children. She encourages all of her students to develop consideration for the world around them, and to cultivate kindness within themselves. Her practice as an educator is influenced by the research and teachings of Bev Bos, Dr. Lilian Katz, and Michele Cassou. She is interested in the latest research in the field of teaching and learning; specifically the areas of peace studies, neuroplasticity and the current research by Carol Dweck on growth mindset. She received her training as an educator at Living Wisdom School in Palo Alto, California where she became an Education For Life teacher.


Alison has been studying non-violent communication both formally and informally for the past 10 years. She holds a degree in Human Communication with and emphasis in practical and professional ethics from California State University Monterey Bay. Additionally, she holds an up to date New Mexico Child Development Certification. Alison is currently pursuing her M.B.A. in educational leadership