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Schoology Login

(pronounced: school-oh-gee)
(Grades 4-6)
Login to Schoology at:
Students:  use your full Google Apps for Education username & password. 
**  Full Google Apps username for students:
**  If you forgot your password, see one of your educators or Mr. Ritzmann
(All Grades)
Login to Schoology at:
Parents:  Login using your Schoology username and password.  Usernames are typically your first initial and last name (lowercase, no space) and a password of your choice.
Please note:  Schoology passwords are no longer connected to MyBackPack.   Changing your password in one system will not update the other. 
Use the Forgot your Password link to retrieve your password.
Detailed directions and Troubleshooting Tips are located on the navigation bar to the right.
Schoology for iOS available
apple app store
Looking for Progress Reports or Financial Statements? 
Both are located in MyBackPack  (separate login required)