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We are so excited to be offering another excellent selection of choices for Pre-K through 6th grade campers this summer! Please take a look at our schedule below!



See you this summer! Questions? Email or call Camp Director Neal Turnquist at 505-983-1621.

Listen to Program Director Neal Turnquist and Head of School Nigel Taplin speak about the summer program on the KVSF 101.5 The Voice of Santa Fe.

K-6th Grade Camp

Rio Grande Summer Camp offers weekly camps that integrate enriched learning experiences with play, creative expression and adventure-based learning. Morning, afternoon, and full-day options are available. Campers attending the morning session will choose an enrichment class in which they will learn alongside our educators, who average more than 10 years experience. The afternoon sessions will take advantage of our lovely and safe five-acre campus and focus on adventure education, design-thinking, and trips to museums and other exciting locales near campus.


Pre-K Camp (3 and 4 year olds)

Rio Grande Summer Camp offers a pre-K camp program for 3- and 4-year-olds. Each week our experienced pre-K educators, led by RGS early childhood educator Peggy Aragon, will design and lead child-centered activities that encourage discovery, imagination, and inspire creativity in a fun-filled, nurturing environment. The rich array of activities include the following: gardening, cooking, dramatic play, art projects, water play, and lots of outside time on our lovely and safe five-acre campus.


It is recommended that pre-K campers sign up for at least 2 consecutive weeks.

Please note: Pre-K campers must be 3 years old and potty trained.



Price if paid by May 1st

Price if paid after May 1st

Full Day



Morning session



Afternoon session



*Week 9: Adventure Week participants will be charged an additional $55 transportation fee


K-6 Daily Camp Schedule


Early Care (Free of Charge)


Morning Meeting/Group Games


Enrichment Class




Continue Enrichment Class




Afternoon Activities and Trips


Aftercare ($50/Week)


Week 1: June 4-8  


Sports and Adventure Week

Our first week of camp is all about staying active! Campers will have the chance to choose a morning enrichment class of soccer (K-3), tennis(K-6), or basketball(3-6) with our great coaches! Afternoons will focus on outdoor adventures, with hikes and field trips being a highlight to kick off the summer right!


Week 2: June 11-15

Robotics and Coding

Grades 3rd-6th

After developing some skills in coding using board games and web platforms like, Co-Spaces, and Osmo Coding, students will use these skills to play with and code some of the newest toy robots including Dash and Dot, Ollie, Ozobot, Parrot Drone, Marty the Robot, Finch Robot, Makey-Makey, and micro:bit. For more details, see Dr. Jackie Gerstein will help students learn and expand their coding skills. For 2nd through 6th grade students.


Rio Grande Newsroom

Grades 2-6

Join the newest and coolest news organization in Santa Fe! Campers will spend the week reporting on what’s going on at camp and Rio Grande. They’ll get to choose their preferred presentation format(broadcast, blog, podcast, magazine) and write their own reports. On Friday, parents and guests will have a chance to read, view, and listen to all the great news! RGS ELA educator Neal Turnquist will lead the news team.


Cooking and Cultures

Grades K-6

Put on your chef’s hat and take a trip around the world! Campers will explore culinary traditions from around the world through hands-on cooking activities. Stories and traditions from those cultures will compliment the camper’s discoveries. RGS substitute and experienced educator Stephanie Schulhofer will lead the explorations.


Sensational Spinning!

Grades K-4

For a truly hands-on experience, come learn to spin yarn with educator Liane Brown, who has worked for years at Garcia St. Club, NMSD, and other schools in Santa Fe.. This workshop will teach campers how to prepare and spin raw wool into warm, delightful, and beautiful skeins of yarn, which will be ready to knit or weave. The history of handspinning and use of different fibers will be discussed with emphasis on regional wools and animals. Come learn this heritage craft!

Week 3: June 18-22

Chinese Culture

Grades K-6

Exposure to Chinese culture, history, geography, and language will be an enriching experience for campers. Dolores Pong, a former SFPS educator of 37 years, will integrate arts and crafts, music, literature, and cooking in the Chinese theme.  


Electric Games, Crafts, and Projects

Grades K-6

Spend the week exploring and learning about electricity driven games and projects. Play games like Snap Circuits and Circuit Maze. Make projects like Paper Circuits, Squishy Circuits using Playdoh, Operation Games, Gami-Bots, Scribble Bots, and Origami Frogs with LED Eyes. Dr, Jackie Gerstein will help campers light up their creations.


Yoga and the Arts

Grades K-6

Campers will spend the week writing, painting, drawing, telling and acting out stories, building with clay, and moving.  We will begin and end each arts-based morning with a short yoga practice for all levels. Campers will balance their time inside the classroom and outside in the surrounding green spaces. Yoga instructor and RGS educator Bridget Green leads the campers.


Science Fiction Writing

Grades 2-6

Something about a distant star always makes for an urgent story. Throw in some desert robots, electric sheep, xenogenesis, and lathes of heaven? Then you're starting to chart the constellations of science fiction, a wonderfully rich literary genre full of adventure, social commentary, imagination, and curiosity about the universe. In this course, we'll explore the history of the genre, reading and writing (and acting and making!) our own science fiction. What's more exciting for tomorrow's minds than tomorrow's stories? Join us to infinity and beyond!


Week 4: June 25-29

The Art of Travel – Ms. Bridget Green and Ms. Terri Scullin

Grades 1-4

Campers will go on daily adventures around and in proximity to the Rio Grande School campus, sometimes on foot, other times by the Santa Fe Trails Route M bus. Parks, rivers, museums, and the Railyard are all within reach. Campers will pack materials and snacks, including a sketchbook, for offsite activities. RGS educators Bridget Green and Terri Scullin guide the travels


Math and Logic

Grades K-6

Engage in hands-on math activities for making elementary math fun! Join NMSA math educator Samir Malik as he engages campers with exciting manipulatives and games to help them practice and advance their math skills. Students will get individualized practice in appropriate skills. This camp will challenge and engage every camper at their skill level.   


Art in Three Dimensions

Grades K-6

Campers immerse themselves in 3D art with a different daily focus. Pop-ups, origami, puppets, Sculpey clay, and cardboard construct will be explored as well as artist’s individual interests. RGS Visual Art educator Melissa Merritt helps the young artists create and discover their inner sculptor.


Video Game Design
Grades 3-6

First came Pong, then space got invaded, birds got angry, and the princess was in another castle. What's next? Your game! Join us for a fun week of video game history and development. We'll figure out why and how classic games work, and we'll use what we learn to start making our own games. Designer, programmer, and writer Mike Young will help kids design, code, and explore.


Week 5: July 2-6 (No camp Wednesday, July 4)

Math and Logic

Grades K-6

Engage in hands-on math activities for making elementary math fun! Join NMSA math educator Samil Malik as he engages campers with exciting manipulatives and games to help student practice and advance their math skills/ Students will get individualized practice in appropriate skills. This camp will challenge and engage every camper at their skill level. Campers who attended the previous week will have a chance to further their practice but campers do not need to have attended the previous week to attend this week.  


Dancing Around the World

Grades K-6

Join us as we learn traditional dances from around the world. Students will choose dances from Russia, Italy, Ireland, Brazil, China, Greece, Israel, and Mexico and learn their basic steps and choreography. A variety of dances, from the Italian Tarentella to the Ribbon Dance/Fan Dance from China will be explored. RGS GrandePlay instructor Diana Orozco-Garrett teaches the campers. She was an instructor for the National Dance Institute of NM for 14 years and teaches Tap, Creative Movement and Zumba at Santa Fe Dance Works.


Improv 101 – Ms. Terri Scullin

Grades 2-6

July 2-6

Come enjoy being creative and thinking on your feet as we practice and improve upon the acting skill of improvisation. Through acting games and improvised scenes students will stretch their brains, work collaboratively and have a great time.


Spanish Immersion--Week 1 (2-week commitment):

Grades K-4

The campers will be exposed to the Spanish language and culture in a way that is simple and meaningful to them. They will learn Spanish through verses, songs, puppets, stories and skits as well as fun games and art projects. We will celebrate the end of Spanish Immersion Camp with a fiesta! Judith Mace, experienced Spanish educator of 20 years, will lead the camp. (Please note: This is a 2-week camp, so campers must be able to attend July 10-14 as well.)


Week 6: July 9-13

“You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” Musical Theater Showcase – Ms. Terri Scullin

Grades 2-6

Students will have fun with Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, and the whole Peanuts Gang as they explore musical theater by working on songs and scenes from the musical “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.” They will also put on a performance for family and friends on the last day of camp.


Spanish Immersion--Week 2: The second week of camp with Señora Mace continues!


Land of Make-Believe

Grades K-2

Campers will immerse themselves in dramatic play. Every day, the classroom transforms into the land of make-believe. Campers will have hands-on learning for the theme of the day, use their imagination to design and create their play area, and make and use costumes. Each day is theme-based and includes structured imaginative play indoors and outdoors. Themes include fairies and wizards, construction zone, ice cream parlor, bake shop, and a camping theme. RGS educator Daisy Dominguez will guide the camp.


Hands On Science and STEM

Grades K-6

Explore Science and STEM through lots of hands-on project like mixing up Slime, Elephant Toothpaste, and Goofy Putty; making Solar Ovens for SMORES and plastic water bottle creations; creating Waxy Watercolor paintings and Crystal Art. Record the results in your own scientific journal. Dr. Jackie Gerstein will help campers become young scientists.


Week 7: July 16-20

Arts Around the World – Ms. Melissa Merritt and Ms. Terri Scullin

Grades K-6

Travel to a different country every day of camp and learn more about it through the arts.  Activities will include arts and crafts, music, dance, and stories.  On the final day of camp, we will share what we have learned in a showcase for family and friends.


Nature Photography

Grades K-4

Campers will learn the basics of nature photography and use a variety of photo equipment and learn to print their photos. Each day will include a mindfulness nature walk and a photo lab where children will review, sort, and edit photos. Campers will be guided in the thoughtful process of nature photography. RGS educator Daisy Dominguez will guide the camp.


Intro to Coding

Grades 2-6

Jump into exciting world of coding! No previous experience will be necessary in this class, which will focus on basic coding concepts using the Scratch programming language and Campers with some coding experience will have the chance to grow and show off their skills. RGS educator Neal Turnquist will guide the class.


Weaving and Yarn Arts

Grades K-3

Learn the basics of weaving and yarn arts! Using beginners wooden loom boards, students will weave individual coasters and other project using a variety of colorful yarns. Campers will get to take home their woven creations at the end of the week. Educator Liane Brown will guide the creation.


Week 8: July 23-27

Outdoor Creativity

Grades K-4

Campers will explore the outdoors and go on nature-themed adventures. Each day will include a nature walk, and campers will create land art, nature weaving, sun prints, nature journals and more. The final camp day will culminate in a nature-based scavenger hunt. Jeanette Dominguez, a Program Facilitator with Community for Learning in Albuquerque, will guide the campers..


Digital Film and Animation – Ms. Melissa Merritt and Ms. Terri Scullin

Grades 3-6

Using iMovie, students will plan out, film and edit short film projects and create animations, using sculpting and drawing. Through the projects students will work on their acting, storytelling and design skills.  RGS Arts educators Terri Scullin and Melissa Merritt will help the budding movie makers.


Toy Making, Take Apart, and Hacking

Grades K-6

Take electronic toys apart to see how they work and create new toys from the parts. Make homemade toys like marshmallow blowers, catapults, flying and floating objects, and robotic fingers, hands, and arms.  Dr. Jackie Gerstein will guide the tinkering.


Creative Movement

Grades K-3

RGS GrandePlay instructor Diana Orozco-Garrett leads a class designed just for younger campers! Campers will develop movement skills through a combination of dancing, games, and singing.


Week 9: July 30-August 3

Adventure Week (Full-Day Option Only)

Grades K-6

Each day will include near-full-day trips to the many beautiful natural areas in and around Santa Fe. We will hike, explore, and challenge ourselves, while having the opportunity to participate in science activities and experiments. RGS educator Whitney Walker, along with other RGS educators, will guide campers on their adventures.

*An additional $55 transportation fee will be charged for this week.*


Early-Bird Discount! Enroll and pay by May 1st to take advantage of discounted rates!

*A 50% cancellation fee will be applied to all camp weeks cancelled 7 days or less from the start of the camp.*


Questions? Email or call Director of Auxiliary Programs Neal Turnquist at 505-983-1621