RGS Summer Camp is offered to kids aged three through the 6th grade.  Weekly camps begin June 17th and end August 9th.  Campers choose from a list of excellent enrichment classes that our very own RGS educators teach. Morning outdoor play goes from 9 am to 10:30 am, enrichment classes run from 10:30 am to 2 pm, and afternoon exploration and activities run from 2 pm to 4 pm. You will register your child for their grade starting in fall of 2024.


Time Activity Space
9:00 AM Drop-Off/Sign -In MAC
9:00 AM Morning Outdoor Play Outdoors
10:00 AM Snack MAC
10:25 AM Clean up and Line up MAC
10:30 AM Classes Classrooms
Noon Lunch Classrooms
12:30 PM Classes Classrooms
2:00 PM Afternoon Activities MAC
3:45 PM Clean up and Line up MAC
4:00 PM PICK-Up Front of School


Camp hours:

  • 9 am-4 pm


Drop Off: Kindergarten-6th Grade: Parents will drop off children at the MAC and must sign their campers in. Camp begins at 9 am. Campers can arrive no earlier than 8:45 am.

Early Childhood: Parents will drop children off at the Kindergarten/Early Childhood building. Camp begins at 9 am. Campers can arrive no earlier than 8:45 am.

Pick Up: Kindergarten-6th Grade: Parents must sign their campers out daily with their child’s counselor.  All campers will be at the front of the school with their counselors at 3:50 pm.  Pick up is at 4 pm.  No pick up after 4:15 pm.

Early Childhood: Parents will pick children up from the Kindergarten/Early Childhood building. Camp ends at 4 pm. No pick-up later than 4:15.

What to bring:

  • Extra set of clothes and shoes
  • Water bottle (please fill in the morning before camp)
  • Sunscreen (please apply before coming to camp)
  • Hat 
  • Morning and afternoon snacks, sack lunch.  Please be sure to pack plenty of food. Please avoid sugary snacks.
  • Please be sure to label everything with your child’s name. 
  • Early childhood students should bring sleeping blankets, pillows, etc.


Full Day Options Only, $375 a week.  Camp hours are 9 am (drop off at 8:45 am at the earliest) until 4 pm.

During morning and afternoon exploration and play, children will be broken up by age. Early Childhood will always be in their designated classroom, playgrounds, and exploration areas of the school. Kindergarten- 3rd grade and 4th- 6th grade will be split up for indoor and outdoor activities in the mornings and afternoons.

Rio Grande School Summer Camp Offerings

Watercolor painting with Ms.Melissa (1st through 6th Grade) 

We will explore watercolor skills and techniques and practice close observation of natural objects. We will also express our feelings and imagination through the medium. Projects will focus on artist inspiration as well as student choice and interest. You will love Watercolor painting with Ms. Melissa if you like to paint.


Camp Read S'More with Ms. Jess (1st through 3rd Grade) 

Literacy summer camp with an engaging and interactive summer camp approach! Campers will develop more substantial reading, writing, and handwriting skills that they will carry back to school in the Fall.


Ukulele and Songwriting! With Ms.Ivy (1st through 6th Grade) 

In a vibrant and inclusive environment, participants will embark on a musical journey as they learn the fundamentals of playing ukulele alongside the joy of songwriting. Fostering individual expression and collaborative songwriting, this camp offers a harmonious blend of fun and education, providing young minds with a wonderful homemade summer soundtrack.


Archery with Coach Walema

Join Coach Walema, a certified Basic Archery Instructor with the National Archery in the Schools Program, to learn basic archery skills. Students will learn essential hand-eye coordination skills by participating in archery activities and develop a growth, strength, and endurance mindset. In addition to increasing hand-eye coordination and mental fortitude, archery will help students develop patience, concentration, and self-control.


Let's Get Moving and Creative with Coach Walema two camps (1st-2nd and 3rd through 6th) 

Join Coach Walema to continue staying active in the summer. We will play games in the MAC and outside on the field to build our large motor skills. We will also have some downtime to listen to stories, sing songs, and have dance parties.


Creative movement with Mr.Sean (1st through 6th Grade) 

Creative movement uses body actions to communicate an image, journey, or feeling. I will be utilizing and exploring the elements of dance through structured improvisational, choreographed, and theorized movements. Students will learn to follow a coordinated series of movements and construct them into a grand collection of expressive creations. Students will learn various elements, including dance, performing arts, charisma, self-confidence, creativity, self-motivation, etc. 


Epic Journeys with Ms. Gaddis (1st through 6th Grade) 

Are you imaginative and creative?  Do you like to create characters, lands, and amazing adventures?  Join us this summer for Epic Tales, where we will tell and share our stories.  We will look closely at plants, animals, and materials to aid in our character and setting descriptions.  There are many ways to share our ideas - so think about how you will create your tale: comics, short stories, novellas, comic books, graphic novels, plays, and models!  We hope to see you on our journey!


Ooey Gooey Kindercamp 1! With Ms. Kerri (Kinder through 2nd) 

Ooey Gooey Kindercamp 1! Hands-on making of fun sensory activities. Get ready to get sticky, art, science, and cooking fun. We will learn songs and read stories with our Ooey Gooey theme designed for kindergarteners.


Cardboard Construct with Ms. Melissa (1st through 6th Grade) 

Do you like to build with cardboard, tape, rivets, and recyclables to create imaginative sculptures and installations? Then, you will like cardboard construct assemblage sculpture with Ms. Melissa. Projects will focus on artist's inspiration, materials, skills, techniques, student choice, and interest.


S'More Literacy Adventures with Ms. Jess (1st through 3rd Grade) 

Literacy summer camp with an engaging and interactive summer camp approach!  Campers will develop stronger reading, writing, and handwriting skills that they will carry back to school in the Fall.  


Hogwarts Express with Ms. Gaddis (1st through 6th Grade) 

Have you always wanted to attend a school for magic?  Join us on the Hogwarts Express!  We will meet the sorting hat and learn to use the spell "leviosa," make magic wands and badges, and even care for some magical creatures!  In this club, we will investigate magnetism and electricity and learn about animals.  We will also create things from our magical minds!  We hope you'll join us in this magical world!


Intro to Tap! With Mr.Sean (3rd through 6th Grade) 

Learn how to Tap Dance with Mr. Sean!


Global Cultures/Countries Adventure Kinder Camp! With Ms. Kerri (Kinder through 2nd only) 

Global cultures/Countries adventure Kinder Camp 1, stories, crafts, songs, and games. Campers learn about different cultures/Countries through engaging activities designed for Kindergartners.  


S'More Writing Fun with Ms. Jess (1st through 3rd) 

Writing and handwriting camp with an engaging and interactive summer camp approach! Campers will develop stronger writing and handwriting skills that they will carry back to school in the Fall. The week will culminate with a "How to Make a S'More" writing activity along with making yummy S'Mores.


Mars Mission with Ms. Gaddis (1st through 6th Grade) 

Are you interested in traveling to space?  How would we get there?  What do we need to survive?  We will design and test different flying machines, rockets, parachutes, lander modules, and rovers!  Can we help design the habitats and the equipment we might need to survive on another planet?  We will conduct experiments to learn more about features on Mars and other planets in our Solar System!  Space explorers, engineers, innovators, astronauts, planetary scientists, astrophysicists, and other scientists are welcome!


Art Through the Alphabet with Ms. Karey (Kinder through 1st) 

Join children's author and art educator Karey Carpenter for a week-long of fun activities, outdoor play, books, crafts, art projects, exploration, and more. The weekly themes and activities will change. No two weeks will be the same!


Big Ideas Math Camp with Mr. Stu (Two camps, 1st through 3rd and 4th through 6th) 

Big ideas Math Camp will be full of games, art, and hands-on activities. Students will enjoy interactive, visual, inquiry-based mathematics lessons encouraging them to explore mathematical ideas in depth and cultivate a growth mindset!


Cancellation Policy:

- Full refund available for cancellations made prior to May 1st.

- A 50% refund will be issued for cancellations made one week before the first day of camp.

- No refunds will be provided for cancellations made within one week of the first day of camp.