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One Ask Campaign

The One Ask Campaign accounts for nearly 6% of the school's annual budget. Rio Grande School relies on the Annual Fund, now called the One Ask, to bridge the gap between tuition income and operating expenses. The operating budget's main expenses include salary and benefits, tuition assistance, instructional materials, and maintenance of the campus physical plant. Board members, parents, employees, alumni, grandparents, and other friends are solicited in this campaign.

Rio Grande School seeks 100% participation of Board members, parents, and employees at whatever level possible. High participation percentages help the School leverage gifts from foundations, which look closely at the level of support school "internal" constituents provide as an indication of institutional strength. Every gift is important and is a vote of confidence in and support of the school by the donor. On average, 82% of the parent body and 100% of RGS board participated in the Annual Fund, raising $300,000.

The One ask at RGS..
... is an RGS tradition and the single most important and impactful fundraising effort each year.
... is a critical part of the financial model of independent schools like Rio Grande School.
... goes to work this year to support the annual operating budget and Tuition Assistance.
... represents approximately 6% of the school’s current operating budget.
... benefits every student, every teacher and every program every day.
... is 100% tax deductible.